Invictus 2952 Show Floor Tours - Day 1 - Anvil

"Day one of Invictus and we’re back on the floor for a quick tour - don’t spoil it for yourself if you’re heading down to the Expo, but I know some folks might struggle to make it. Day one is Anvil Aerospace!!

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The video is a tour of the Anvil Aerospace section of the Invictus 2952 show floor on Day 1. The event is focused on military-themed ships and includes both a ship sale on the website and an in-game expo. The host mentions that the expo is designed to feel like a real-life event, with shops selling manufacturer merchandise and thematic displays throughout the expo halls. The main room features the Anvil Carrack, a premier exploration vessel, as well as the Arrow, a light fighter, the Hawk, a bounty hunting vessel, the Terrapin, a pathfinder ship, and the Pisces, a shuttlecraft designed for the Carrack. All the ships on the show floor are rentable for free.

The second room highlights the Anvil F8 Lightning, a heavy fighter that is not officially flyable in the game but can be piloted if stolen. The Valkyrie, a dropship designed for group missions, is also showcased, along with other ships like the Hurricane, Hornet, and the F7A Navy version. The lower level of the first room displays the Ballista anti-air platform and the Spartan APC. Additionally, there are holo rooms showcasing concept ships for Anvil Aerospace, including the Crucible, a repair ship, the Liberator, a ship transporter, and the Legionnaire, a boarding-focused vessel.

The host expresses excitement about the concept of ship-to-ship boarding actions and the gameplay possibilities it brings. They mention the potential for approaching missions in different ways, such as boarding a criminal ship and subduing the crew in FPS combat rather than simply destroying the ship. The host concludes by inviting viewers to share their favorite ships from the expo and their plans for renting ships, as well as entering a ship giveaway on the channel. They apologize for any delays in releasing future videos due to their ongoing house move. The video ends with gratitude for watching and a promise to see viewers in the next video.