Inside Star Citizen: Pack Mule | Spring 2022

"Drake prepares to unveil its first ground vehicle at Drake Defensecon this weekend, but we’ve got a sneak peek for you on this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen. Plus, a look at the newly released heavy fighter from RSI, the Scorpius.


In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the focus is on two upcoming additions: the Drake Mule ground vehicle and the RSI Scorpius heavy fighter. The Drake Mule is designed to make cargo collection missions more efficient and convenient. Players will be able to land their ships at a distance and drive the Mule to collect cargo, saving multiple trips. The Mule features a low-tech, industrial design with chunky pipes and oversized wheels. It can fit in ships that can accommodate the Rock mining vehicle.

The Drake Mule’s standout features include beaming lights on the entrance door and deployable front arms that give it a cute and huggable appearance. In addition to box missions, the Mule will also play a role in loading vehicles with the cargo refactor. It can transport large SCU crates from the delivery point to the player’s ship using a freight elevator and a forklift. The Mule aims to improve the non-combat experience in Star Citizen’s persistent universe.

The RSI Scorpius, a two-person heavy fighter, is another notable addition. It offers cooperative combat gameplay, allowing two players to engage enemies together. The gunner controls a remote turret, and the ship features the iconic wing split, with a convenient hotkey to deploy the wings separately from the landing gear. The Scorpius has a sleek, futuristic design with elements inspired by other RSI ships.

While the Scorpius is launching during Invictus Launch Week, development will continue, with plans to further enhance the ship’s agility and momentum. It has an increased missile loadout and a sizeable shield, making it a capable combat vessel. The focus of this release is to offer an agile ship with significant firepower, but future updates may refine its features.

Overall, these additions reflect Drake’s utility-focused design ethos and RSI’s commitment to delivering exciting and immersive gameplay experiences. The Drake Mule aims to streamline cargo collection missions, while the RSI Scorpius brings cooperative combat to heavy fighters. With Invictus Launch Week ongoing, players can look forward to exploring these new additions in Star Citizen.