IAE Day 1-2 CCU

“Quick recap of day 1 and 2 CCUs.”

IAE (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo) Day 1-2 CCU (Cross-Chassis Upgrade) introduced some exciting new ships. The Spirit A1 and the San’Tok.Yai were available as Warbond CCUs. These ships could be used to upgrade to higher-priced ships, with the Santok being the final link in the chain. The Saber was recommended for upgrading instead of the Khartu Al, unless already owned. On Day 2, the A1 CCU and the Saber were both available as Warbond CCUs, creating a chain of three ships.

Stand-alone ships with warbond discounts were also featured. The Cutter Scout, a recon variant of the popular starter ship, was introduced. The Syulen, an alien craft from Gatac, was described as visually distinct and unique. It landed on its back, had powerful weaponry, and had limited utility but was positioned between the Aurora and the Nomad. The Zeus MK 2, with its ES Explorer, CL Cargo Hauler, and MR variants, offered different capabilities such as EMP and quantum dampening.

The Spirit A1 was available as a Warbond, but no other variants had Warbond options. The C1 ship was praised as fantastic, while the Santok and Railen were mentioned as works in progress. The Vulcan, Merchantman, and Nautilus were also available with Warbond options. Overall, there were good savings available, and the hope for more surprises like the Syulen in future days of the expo. The speaker signed off, emphasizing the importance of saving money.