I went for revenge

In this crazy adventure, Raxon, an experienced space money enthusiast, and his band of like-minded friends are on their way to Jump Town in an Anvil Arrow – a ship sensibly named ‘Zero Interrupts’ – to procure maza. The plan is to find the holy prophet of maza but along the journey they face numerous obstacles and unlikely situations.

Having not expected any trouble, they are met face-to-face with the disgruntled owner of the destroyed Crusader C2 Hercules. Through a mix of luck and intimidation, they manage to make a deal with him, turning him into unknowingly ‘volunteer labor’ to unload the rest of their haul. Furthermore, a ‘pro-elite PVP-sweaty dogfighter boy’ appears, making the mission more difficult.

Eventually, the team manages to outsmart the competition and acquire the prize. Through puzzling their way into an industrial sea two, they are successfully able to rendezvous with the Zero Interrupts at their mining operations area. With a huge amount of free maza in their possession, the team prepare to return to Brio’s Breaker Yard to sell their cargo for a hefty profit. In the end, profiting from their daring mission, the team use the revenue to support their channel for the enjoyment of viewers to come. What a wild journey!

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