I never expected this outcome.. (Star Citizen)

“In this Star Citizen video, I didn’t have a plan and sometimes that’s the best way to play. I somehow managed to stumble upon a settlement that had a few 100 residents. The drake herald is the fastest ship in star citizen and it’s the perfe”

In this video, a player is engaged in a variety of activities in the game world. In the first section, the player is tasked with completing Bounty missions and encounters a glitch in the process. Through smart logic, they use their ship with the most powerful engine to make a daring escape. After recovering loot from their opponent and taking on some guards, they make a daring getaway.

The second section of the video sees the player engage in exploration activities. They explore a nearby weapons area, using speed to their advantage to get away. They also explore a nearby ghost town, discovering a large amount of loot for themselves and any nearby players looking for it.

The third section is where things get weird. The player experiences a lower framerate, and attempts a daring stunt on a rock which fails due to no collision detection. This is quickly followed by an entertaining encounter with another player, as they attempt to evade and outrun them using their powerful engine. In the end, the player escapes and remarks that nothing gets past the Herald.