I Found The JAVELIN Wreck On DAYMAR - Star Citizen

“I found the Javelin wreck on Daymar in this Star Citizen video! We’ve done ship tours, location tours, and some vehicle tours. However, in this video I tour a wrecked ship on a location I haven’t seen yet. Using a Cyclone RC. Thanks for wat”

In this video, the YouTuber showcases their recent discovery in the game Star Citizen. They found a Javelin wreck while exploring the planet Daymar. The video begins with the YouTuber discussing their previous experience with missing wings on their ship, and how they are excited to show viewers the intact ship they have found. They express their gratitude for the support and encourage viewers to like and subscribe.

The YouTuber explains that they decided to explore Daymar and specifically search for the Javelin wreck. They give instructions on how to find the wreck using coordinates and degrees. They proceed to fly towards the location, but they realize that they are on the dark side of Daymar and need to wait for the sun to rise before continuing their search.

Once the sun rises, the YouTuber successfully locates the Javelin wreck and is ecstatic about their find. They describe the awe-inspiring and haunting nature of the wreck, expressing their fear of large objects and the ocean. They land their ship near the wreck and proceed to explore it on foot.

After touring the exterior of the wreck, they decide to take their cyclone vehicle inside. They drive around the interior and marvel at the different features, such as access panels and broken parts. They express their fascination with the wreck and pose for a thumbnail photo.

The YouTuber realizes that the video might be shorter than expected, but they’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase the Javelin wreck. They apologize for the brevity but assure viewers that more Star Citizen content is on the way. They end the video by thanking the viewers for their support and signing off.