Huge 3.19 evocati leak | star citizen

“We found new ships, Loreville 2.0 and so much more in the most recent leaks discovered by the SC Pipeline Discord.”

The video discusses the latest findings in the files for 3.19 currently in Evocati for Star Citizen. The annual Invictus Fleet Week, a celebration of the UEE military, is scheduled for May 19th to 30th with the last three days also hosting the Drake Defense Con. Through the show floor’s hollow viewers, new empty vehicles, including the Tumble Storm, are presented, and the SRV and Crusader Spirit, along with their status on the progress tracker, might not be in 3.19 and will not be ready in time for Invictus. Large debris can be pulled using a tractor beam, which is an essential feature of the game.

The Misc Fury, a straight-to-flyable ship, has animations for zero G entry and exit, leading to speculation that the Fury might be a single-seater ship. The Sulin is another ship referred to in the code with an unknown manufacturer. Other new mission content leaks indicate the possibility of a data heist mission and updated Siege of Orson with voice lines found in the files. Finally, new sub-flare items such as coffee mugs, Banu dice, and a smoke grenade meant to be used in FPS combat were also mentioned in the video.