How to get 48 SCU on a Prospector!

"I wanted to share this really cool trick Kav Citizen showed me to get 48 SCU of capacity on to your prospector - boosting your runs by 50%. "

The game of Star Citizen has seen many changes since the introduction of patch 3.19. One of the new features is that players can now make their Prospectors more profitable with increased cargo capacity. In this video, content creator Loud Guns shares a tip with viewers on how to gain this increased capacity.

Firstly, Loud Guns advise viewers to look for Salvage missions specifically. This will cost the player 10,000 credits before accepting the offer. The player must then find the wreck using the Quick Travel (QT) beacon and fly the Prospector to its location. The next step is to unlock the ports of the Prospector and remove the saddlebags. Then the player can take the four from the mule and replace their Prospectors’ ones in order to get an increased capacity of 48 SCU.

Loud Guns does warn viewers that this trick may not last forever as it might be patched out in a future update, it is still a useful tip to use. Therefore, viewers should make the most of it in order to become more profitable.