How To Find This BEAUTIFUL LOCATION - Star Citizen

“In this Star Citizen video, I show you how to find this beautiful location on Hurston. A few of you were asking how I found it and how you can find it. I hope this video helps!
Thanks for being here :)”

In this video, the host, The Goodish Gamer, shares a beautiful location in the game Star Citizen and provides a step-by-step guide on how to find it. The location is a canyon on the planet Hurston, which the host describes as magical and cool. After receiving many requests from viewers on where this location is, the host decides to share it with everyone.

The video starts with the host explaining that they will be starting from Everest Harbor on Hurston. They then instruct viewers to take off normally and activate their quantum drive. While in quantum travel, viewers are advised to look to their left, and specifically for OM1. Once they arrive at OM1, they are instructed to center their quantum travel indicator on Hurston and descend to about 5,000 meters.

Upon reaching the surface of Hurston, viewers are directed to locate HDSF Rufus. This location is typically found on the lower right side, although it may vary slightly. From there, viewers are told to fly down and look left for a mountain range with distinct triangular shapes. This is the location the host wants to show the audience.

The host emphasizes that they have followed this route multiple times and it has always led them to the same place. They suggest that Everest Harbor may rotate with Hurston, ensuring consistent directions. Despite some rendering issues, the host is eager to showcase the stunning beauty of the location and expresses their willingness to explore other places if viewers have suggestions.

The video ends with the host demonstrating their love and appreciation for the viewers and signing off. They express excitement about bringing a speeder bike to the location in future adventures. Overall, the video serves as a helpful guide for Star Citizen players who want to find this breathtaking location on Hurston.