How to Find Meta Alloys in Elite Dangerous

This video provides an updated guide on how to collect meta alloys in Elite Dangerous. The presenter explains how to locate the “barnacle forest” in the Hydra sector, find the meta alloys on Planet c2, and collect them by shooting the spikes with the ship’s weapon.

In this video, the presenter acknowledges that his old video about collecting meta alloys in the game Elite Dangerous is outdated. He mentions that in the previous video, he recommended going to a specific market or particle site to buy meta alloys, but now those methods can be hit or miss. So, he provides an updated guide on how to collect meta alloys.

The presenter introduces the concept of the “barnacle forest”, located in the Hydra sector. He provides the system name and its location in relation to other sectors and the bubble. Once in the system, the player should head to Planet c2, which is a bit of a flight away. Upon arrival, the player should use the surface scanner to locate the “fibroid barnacle 3” on the planet, with coordinates provided in the video description if needed.

After landing, the presenter advises players to be aware of scavengers flying around, but as long as they are not provoked, they won’t pose a threat. The player needs to locate the meta alloys, which can be done in third-person camera view by zooming in and scanning the different peaks. The meta alloys are identified as green glowy structures on top of spikes protruding from the ground.

To collect a meta alloy, the player simply needs to shoot one of the spikes using their ship’s weapon. The spike will be destroyed quickly, giving the player a meta alloy to collect. The player can repeat this process to collect more meta alloys, as there should be plenty of them in the barnacle forest.

The presenter concludes the video by thanking the viewers for watching and encouraging them to like, subscribe, and join him in space for future content.

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