How fast can you earn ANACONDA?! [Elite Dangerous]

In this video, the creator explores how quickly the Anaconda ship can be earned in Elite Dangerous. Through various attempts and strategies, it is shown that the Anaconda can be acquired in as little as four to six hours, raising questions about game balance and the ease of accumulating credits.

In this video, the creator explores the question of how fast you can earn the Anaconda ship in Elite Dangerous, which used to be considered endgame content. The game, being a live service, has evolved and now includes mechanics such as engineering and material collecting, preventing the existence of a true endgame. However, players can still draw a line in the sand and consider reaching the Anaconda as a significant milestone.

The creator has undertaken this challenge a few times before, starting with a fresh account and attempting to earn the Anaconda as quickly as possible. In one attempt, the creator focused on passenger transportation missions, progressing from a Sidewinder to an Adder and eventually a Type-7 ship. Through efficient gameplay and about 12 hours of effort, the Anaconda was acquired.

In a recent speedrun competition organized by another content creator, the challenge was posed to see how fast any elite rank could be achieved in various aspects of the game - trade, combat, and exploration. While combat is time-consuming, exploration can be completed in less than 24 hours. However, trade is particularly interesting due to the addition of mining tools and new gameplay mechanics, allowing for a faster accumulation of wealth.

In the most recent attempt at acquiring the Anaconda, the creator managed to do so in just six hours, although there was some wasted time in between. The strategy involved starting with a fresh account, completing the initial mission for 10,000 credits, outfitting the ship, and then heading out to mine void opals in a predetermined hotspot. With careful planning, it is believed that the Anaconda could be obtained in as little as four hours.

While the ability to earn endgame content quickly may seem impressive, it raises questions about game balance. Some players have even achieved whole elite ranks in just eight and a half hours using the double pay night mining method. Overall, the video sheds light on the ease of accumulating credits in Elite Dangerous for big ships, but acknowledges the importance of striking a balance in the game. The creator invites viewers to share their thoughts on whether earning endgame content quickly is a positive or negative aspect of the game.