Having look at the new Argo Tractor and RSI medical Ursa

The video from the PTU showcased two new items - the Argo Tractor and the RSI Medical Ursa. The Argo Tractor features enhanced maneuverability and two tractor beams, while the RSI Medical Ursa offers a compact medical facility solution for various ships, although both ships had some incomplete features and minor issues noted during testing.

In the video from the PTU, two new items were showcased - the Argo Tractor and the RSI Medical Ursa. The Argo Tractor features two tractor beams, one above the cockpit and another at the back, but does not have any cargo space. It provides access to life support components and other ship systems, although some features like the remote turret access seemed incomplete in the PTU version. The interior of the Argo Tractor appears to have been updated, with various controls and functionalities available for testing. The ship feels more maneuverable compared to older models, making it suitable for cargo loading into larger ships like the Hercules or the 890 Jump.

On the other hand, the RSI Medical Ursa was explored, offering a medical facility that can be fitted into various ships such as the Constellation. The Ursa features exterior controls, a ramp at the back, a computer terminal, UV light for disinfection, and a gun rack. The ship’s interior includes slots for components, a medical facility generation system, overhead storage, and a bed. However, there were some issues noted, such as the positioning of the screen above the bed and the lack of interactable items like WiiUs. Despite these drawbacks, the Ursa is seen as a valuable addition for providing medical support during missions.

The video also highlighted changes in the medical functionalities, including the ability to spawn lower-tier vehicles and test new inventory systems. The Ursa’s setup allows for potential medical spawns and storage options, although some features like the overhead storage and control systems appeared to be non-functional in the PTU. While the Ursa was tested for its usability and practicality, it was noted that the lack of WiiUs was a disappointment, considering the ship’s medical role. Overall, the Ursa was seen as a versatile option for ships like the Constellation, offering a compact medical facility solution for various missions.

In conclusion, the Argo Tractor and RSI Medical Ursa were both examined in the PTU video, showcasing their unique features and functionalities. The Argo Tractor demonstrated improved maneuverability and potential for cargo loading, while the RSI Medical Ursa presented a compact medical facility suitable for different ships. Despite some incomplete features and minor issues, both ships were viewed positively for their respective roles in the game. The video provided insights into the testing and evaluation process of these new additions, offering a glimpse into the evolving gameplay experience in the PTU version of the game.