Greed is killing the gaming industry

salt-e-mike reacts:

The video titled “Greed is Killing the Gaming Industry” by Grumpy Eye discusses how the gaming industry is being negatively impacted by corporate greed. The video begins by drawing parallels with the music industry, explaining how major record labels prioritized profits over artistic expression. The gaming industry, a relatively young entertainment industry, initially had humble beginnings with passionate game developers driving innovation. However, like the music industry, AAA gaming studios have become focused on making quick profits through strategies such as microtransactions, pre-orders, and pay-to-win mechanics.

The video highlights examples of gaming companies, such as EA Games and Activision Blizzard, prioritizing marketing over game development. These companies allocate a significant portion of their budget, up to 50%, solely to marketing. This prioritization results in over-saturation of the market and a lack of innovation. In contrast, smaller indie studios, reliant on public funding through platforms like Kickstarter, often struggle to compete in terms of graphics and reach. However, they still manage to create innovative and beloved games, emphasizing the importance of artistic expression and creativity.

The video concludes by cautioning that if the trend continues, the gaming industry may face a crash similar to the one experienced in 1983. Nevertheless, the video encourages support for smaller studios and the pursuit of unique and innovative games. It signals a shift in the industry, where gamers are increasingly turning to smaller developers for fresh and engaging experiences amidst the corporate greed prevalent in the AAA gaming sector.