Fix My Fleet With Great00Nate | Star Citizen

“Great00Nate has only been in the game six months and spent quite a bit so Algared and Execute take look and help him get his fleet back on track.”

In this video from “Fix My Fleet With Great00Nate,” Nate, a player of the game Star Citizen, discusses his fleet with the hosts. Nate’s fleet consists of various ships that serve different purposes in the game. He explains why he acquired each ship, from the F8A Lightning, which he bought because it was a one-off ship, to the Pisces, which he found convenient for bunker runs. He also mentions purchasing the Arrow and Nova for combat purposes, as well as the Pirate Gladius as a trophy ship.

The hosts then go through Nate’s fleet and discuss each ship in detail. They offer suggestions and recommendations based on his gameplay preferences. They determine that although some of Nate’s ships are unique and fun to have, they may not offer the best value for money. They suggest alternative ships that better suit his needs, such as the Javelin, a large and powerful ship that can serve as a heavy combat and cargo vessel. They also recommend the Nautilus for its defensive capabilities and early warning system.

Ultimately, the hosts help Nate restructure his fleet, replacing some ships and adding new ones that better align with his gameplay goals. They also discuss the possibility of him expanding his fleet in the future. Nate expresses some initial surprise at the changes but acknowledges the rationale behind the recommendations. He appreciates the hosts’ in-depth explanations and looks forward to absorbing the information provided. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to provide feedback on the fleet restructuring and to answer specific questions posed by Nate and the hosts.