Fix My Fleet With Angry PC Tech | Star Citizen

"Come take a look at Angry PC Tech’s fleet as an Org leader is has some interesting challenges as Algared and Execute give you there recommendations.

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In this episode of “Fix My Fleet,” the hosts, Algrin and Angry PC Tech, review and discuss the Fleet of Angry PC Tech in the game Star Citizen. Angry PC Tech explains that his organization focuses on industrial logistics, mining, and commerce. The hosts then provide their recommendations for his Fleet based on his desired professions. They suggest vehicles like the Privateer for commercial purposes and the Nautilus for defense and support. Angry PC Tech takes these suggestions into consideration and mentions that he will discuss them with his organization.

The hosts also highlight the importance of being open-minded and considering different ship capabilities rather than solely focusing on personal preferences or brand loyalty. They mention the potential changes and updates ships may undergo in the future, emphasizing the need to think about the ships’ roles for the game release. They discuss the significance of having ships like The Crucible and The Endeavor for repairs and support, as well as the value of strategic placement for ships like the Nautilus and the Privateer. They conclude by suggesting that Angry PC Tech consult with his organization to identify any gaps in their Fleet and determine the best ships to fill those roles.

Overall, the episode explores the process of customizing a Fleet based on specific organizational needs and professions. It encourages open-mindedness and considering ship capabilities beyond personal preferences. The hosts provide thoughtful recommendations, and Angry PC Tech expresses his intention to discuss these suggestions with his organization for further feedback and decisions.