First impressions 2 [Star citizen]

The narrator discusses their experience with Star Citizen, praising the game’s flight mechanics but critiquing its alpha status after four years of development. They express frustration with glitches, graphics issues, high ship prices, and the concept of renting ships, while also expressing concern about the game’s future and competition from other similar games.

In the video, the narrator discusses his experience with Star Citizen, focusing on the game’s flight mechanics. He mentions that the game excels in this aspect and finds it more realistic than Elite Dangerous. However, he criticizes the game for being in alpha despite being in development for four years and having received a significant amount of funding. He expresses frustration with the game’s graphics and FPS issues.

The narrator attempts to fly his ship but encounters difficulties due to his settings. After spending a significant amount of time rebinding and retesting, he finally manages to fly. He admits that the flight mechanics are good but criticizes the overall wonkiness of the FPS aspect of the game.

During his gameplay, the narrator encounters various glitches and frustrations, such as his scope not moving and the flimsy and bad FPS mechanics. He expresses disappointment and compares the game to a “glorified tech demo” rather than a full alpha.

The narrator explores the process of acquiring new ships in the game, discovering that new ships can be obtained by spending a currency called “wreck” that is earned through gameplay. He criticizes the high prices and lack of justification for spending real money on ships in an alpha version of the game. He also expresses frustration with the concept of renting ships for a limited time, only to have progress reset after a week.

In conclusion, the narrator emphasizes that despite his criticisms, he cares about the game and would not be criticizing it if he did not. He acknowledges the potential in the game’s flight mechanics but expresses doubt about its future, citing the long development time and the release of other games like Elite Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, and Starfield.