"Space Tomato and Execute the large cargo changes coming to Star Citizen in the not to distance future and the big sign of more to be delivered down the road.

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In this video, the hosts discuss the upcoming cargo refactor in Star Citizen and its impact on gameplay. They talk about the introduction of the “Hull C,” a large cargo ship designed to transport the largest cargo crates in the game. They discuss the potential challenges and rewards of cargo hauling, including the need for larger cargo crates and the potential for high-risk, high-reward missions.

The hosts speculate on how the economy will be affected by the implementation of the Hull C and the introduction of more structured cargo delivery scenarios. They discuss the idea of cargo missions and the possibility of players being assigned specific cargo hauling tasks rather than simply transporting goods for their own profit. They also touch on the complexity of the economy and the challenge of balancing supply and demand.

They also touch on the mechanics of loading and unloading cargo, noting the possibility of physical cargo loading timers and the use of freight elevators. They discuss the potential for different ships to have different loading processes, such as the external loading of the Hull C versus the internal loading in hangars. They also discuss the potential for tractor beams to assist in cargo loading and unloading. Overall, they emphasize the importance of cargo hauling in the game and the complexity of implementing a realistic and dynamic economy.