Fighting over a C2 FULL of Cargo during Piracy! - Star Citizen Pirate gameplay 3.19.1

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the St. Jackals set out to engage in piracy and steal cargo from scrapyards. Their first target is a Corsair ship arriving at Reclamation and Disposal on Hurston. They successfully break into the ship, steal the cargo, and sell it for a profit. However, their victory is short-lived as the owner of the Corsair retaliates by ramming one of their ships. They manage to escape with some of the stolen cargo and regroup.

The team splits up to sell the remaining cargo at different locations. Meanwhile, the rival team orchestrates an infiltration plan, successfully boarding the stolen cargo ship and taking control of it. Despite efforts to recover the cargo, some of it ends up at the bottom of the ocean. The team attempts various methods to retrieve it but is unable to do so. While they may not have recovered all the cargo, the St. Jackals enjoy the exciting encounter and look forward to future adventures in the game.

Overall, the gameplay video shows the thrilling and sometimes challenging experience of engaging in piracy and stealing cargo in Star Citizen. The St. Jackals face intense battles, unexpected twists, and even encounter the unique obstacle of retrieving cargo from underwater. Despite setbacks, the team demonstrates resourcefulness and perseverance in their attempts to secure the stolen goods.