Exploring Elite: Dangerous - Episode 9 - Upgrading the FSD & New Pristine Reserve Belt

In this episode of Elite: Dangerous, the player, Obsidian Ant, searches for valuable minerals in ore belts with pristine reserves. After successfully mining platinum, they upgrade their ship’s jump drive to reach their desired destinations and prepare for an epic journey to Bernard’s Loop and the Horsehead Nebula.

In this episode of Elite: Dangerous, the player, Obsidian Ant, is in the Collage system looking to make some money. They have found ore belts with high metal content in pristine reserve quality, indicating potentially valuable minerals. Their goal is to upgrade their ship’s jump range in order to explore further into the galaxy. They want to get at least 1,000 light years away from the core worlds to discover new and interesting sights. They start by mining in the Collage system, hoping to find platinum or gold.

The player explains the factors to consider when prospecting, such as the condition of the belt (common, depleted, or pristine reserves) and the type of rocks available (rocky, high metal content, or metallic). They find a belt with high metal content, but unfortunately, the asteroids they encounter contain low-quality minerals. They decide to move on and find another belt, hoping for better results. By diligently prospecting, they finally discover a pristine metallic belt with platinum, a highly valuable mineral.

After successfully mining 22 tons of platinum, the player heads back to the station to sell their haul. However, they realize that they need to upgrade their ship’s jump drive to increase their jump range. They purchase a B-rated class four jump drive, which brings their jump range to 16.5 light years unladen, enough to reach their desired destinations. The player decides that it’s time to venture further into the galaxy and explore the wonders that await, specifically mentioning their destination of Bernard’s Loop and the Horsehead Nebula.

In the next episode, the player plans to embark on an epic journey to explore Bernard’s Loop and the Horsehead Nebula, a distance of approximately 1,500 light years from their current location. They have prepared their ship by upgrading its armor and shields, and they are excited about the adventure that awaits them. They express gratitude to their audience and sign off as Obsidian Ant.