Every iae ship release - large rsi miner and new alien ship! | star citizen iae 2953

“Details on the Large RSI Miner and the new Alien Ship! A deep dive into every ship coming on each day of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2953.”

The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) is Star Citizen’s largest in-game celebration taking place from November 17th to 30th at New Babbage on Microtech. The recent CitizenCon event revealed some exciting new ships that will be released soon, including a large RSI miner and a new alien ship from Gatak. The color scheme for this year’s Expo is likely to be purple.

On Alien Day, ships from Asperia, Banu, Aopoa, and Gatak will be featured, with the Gatak ship rumored to be called the Gatak Culin. Details about the ship are scarce, but there are speculations that it may be a starter ship with a unique design that includes three floors and the ability to transform from a horizontal to vertical position.

Crusader Industries will launch the highly anticipated Crusader Spirit C1, an upgraded cargo ship that can now carry 64 SU crates, as well as loose cargo or a vehicle in its middle section. Tumbril will also release the Storm, a smaller tank-like vehicle, and possibly a Storm AA variant with surface-to-air missiles.

Origin will showcase the updated model of the Origin X1 hover bike, although it will be released after the Expo. Drake Interplanetary may release the Cutter Expedition variant, which was confirmed during CitizenCon. Argo will launch the Argo SRV, a one-seater utility ship with a powerful tractor beam. Anvil and MISC are expected to showcase their ships as well, while RSI will finally reveal the RSI Arroster, a large mining ship that may come with basic refining capabilities.

The Expo will conclude with the Best in Show event, where skins for various ships will be awarded to owners, and purple armor sets may also be released. Overall, the IAE 2953 promises to be an exciting event with a range of new ships and updates to explore.