Even The Grass Is Deadly Here - Star Citizen Outpost (3.17.2 PTU)

"In this Star Citizen PTU video, Lexxor and I venture out to search an outpost for a package. What we found is not what we were expecting…mostly.
Enjoy the video!
Thanks for watching and for being here:) "

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the players are engaged in a task of placing ammunition on shelves in their outpost. They humorously joke about the game mechanics and discuss the limited capacity of their inventories. They attempt to stack the ammunition but face some glitches and confusion regarding the process. Despite the challenges, they manage to place the ammo on the shelves.

Next, they discuss a contract they have in the game and set off to complete it. They make their way to their ship, admiring the visuals and lighting effects along the way. They fly to their destination and scout the area before landing. They prepare themselves for potential battles, but find no signs of life initially.

As they explore the outpost, the unexpected happens. One of the players suddenly gets hit and dies without any apparent cause. This surprises and confuses them as they were not engaged in any combat. They continue cautiously, encountering eerie surroundings and discussing the tall grass in the game. The unfortunate player dies again and faces a respawn timer.

Undeterred, they encounter additional enemy contacts and engage in a dogfight in their ship. They manage to defend themselves and proceed with their mission. They eventually locate the package they were assigned to deliver, but face more unfortunate incidents. One player dies once again, and the other experiences a glitch that causes them to fall through the world. Frustration and disbelief ensue.

Despite the challenges and unexpected mishaps, the players continue their journey in the game, ultimately showcasing the unpredictable nature of the gameplay and the humorous moments that arise.