Escape From Tarkov, Starfield, & Star Citizen | What It Takes To Build A Masterpiece (ft. g0at)

“With Starfield soon releasing, comparing it with Star Citizen has become a weekly topic (even around these parts). But these games are actually very different, and not just in gameplay but in origin, timeline, and overall mission + design.”

In this podcast discussion, the assistant talks with guest g0at (also known as Goat or Goatmoth), a content creator known for his insightful game analysis, particularly on Escape from Tarkov. Besides Tarkov, g0at also delves into different game genres and focuses on games and technology. G0at shares his journey, starting as a philosophy content creator on YouTube in the pre-Google acquisition era, to evolving into gaming content and finally moving into investigative journalism in the gaming sphere. He also discusses the transition in the content he produces, moving from specific gaming content to a broader picture.

The conversation proceeds with g0at comparing the early access development processes and the multitude of challenges faced by games like Star Citizen, Starfield, and Escape from Tarkov. He admires Tarkov’s groundbreaking ‘loot extraction shooter’ mechanism which adds a unique intensity to gaming. He points out that every seemingly simple decision in developing such games has vast knock-on effects and delays. G0at argues for game developers to have more transparency about the complexity and challenges of development.

The discussion then veers towards space games, particularly Starfield and Star Citizen. While g0at is excited about Starfield, he acknowledges that its appeal lies in it being a game one can relaxingly sink hours into rather than an adrenaline-fueled PVP fest like Tarkov or a complex simulation like Star Citizen. However, he admits that if he was a decade younger, a game like Starfield might not have been as appealing to him compared to Tarkov or a similar survival or PVP focused game.

Despite his seemingly critical stance, g0at wants Star Citizen to succeed - he views it as an amazing and ambitious project that will inevitably impact future game developments. He points out that games in alpha stage, like Star Citizen and Tarkov, need to maintain an optimal balance between complex features and playability. He advocates for clear communication about the complex nature of developing such ambitious games to the backers. His hope is that Star Citizen can eventually deliver a polished, immersive space sim experience for all players.

As the discussion reaches its end, g0at brings up a recent personal experience. He had been embroiled in a lawsuit with a gaming company over a video he made exposing them for attempting a scam. Coinciding with the timing of the podcast, g0at reveals that the lawsuit has been dropped - a victory that underscores the vital role content creators like him play in promoting transparency and accountability in the gaming sector.