Episode 136

In this episode of the Launch Sequence podcast, Space Tomato and guest Seelon discuss the current state and future of cargo hauling in Star Citizen. They explore potential gameplay changes, such as missions, logistics roles, base building, and the integration of courier missions and data runners, while also highlighting upcoming events in the Star Citizen community.

In this episode of the Launch Sequence podcast, the host Space Tomato is joined by guest Seelon to discuss cargo hauling in Star Citizen. They start by reflecting on the changes in the Star Citizen community and the game since CitizenCon, noting the shift in demographics and the increased attention on the game. They then dive into the current state of cargo hauling, highlighting that not much has changed in the past six years and that it mainly involves buying and selling commodities. They discuss the potential for missions to be added, which would significantly change the gameplay experience. They also touch on the idea of incorporating more logistics and crew roles in cargo hauling, such as hiring people to load and unload cargo.

The conversation then shifts to the future of cargo hauling, with a focus on the upcoming changes in 2023. They discuss the introduction of the Hull C and the potential for it to have its own unique gameplay loop. They also mention the possibility of remote transactions through server blades, which could eliminate the need to physically go to space stations. They discuss the importance of balancing the supply and demand of different commodities to make all cargo hauling options worthwhile.

The conversation then turns to the concept of base building and its impact on cargo hauling. They discuss the potential for cargo haulers to be contracted to transport materials for base building and the specialization that could come with it. They also touch on the idea of cargo scouting and the role it could play in finding the best trade routes and prices.

Finally, they discuss the differences between courier missions and cargo hauling, with Seelon expressing the importance of expanding the courier gameplay to make it more accessible for new players. They also discuss the potential for data runners to play a role in cargo hauling, providing real-time information about prices and trade routes. The episode concludes with a discussion of upcoming events, including the Daymar Rally and the development of a new Bar Citizen website.