Elite Dangerous - Will It Get New Content? (What is Elite's Story?)

This video explores the evolution of the story in Elite Dangerous, highlighting the shift from in-game content to text-based updates. It discusses the potential impact of the Odyssey expansion on the game’s story and poses the question of whether players would prefer new in-game content or if they are satisfied with the current format.

In this video, the speaker discusses the topic of the future of new content in Elite Dangerous and what the concept of “story” means in the game. They explain that between 2015 and 2018, the game had a significant and ongoing story, with regular additions that moved the story forward. This included things like Thargoid bases, Guardians, text-based content on GalNet, and community goals. These story elements were not just limited to text, but also included in-game content that players could interact with, such as solving puzzles and discovering new locations.

However, after 2018, the concept of story in Elite Dangerous changed significantly. The speaker speculates that the development of the Odyssey expansion may have impacted the regularity of story updates. Currently, story in the game largely consists of text-based GalNet articles, community goals, and module rewards. This is a stark contrast to the in-game content that used to be associated with moving the story forward.

The speaker raises the question of what moving the story forward will mean for the future of Elite Dangerous. They mention the possibility of the long-rumored Thargoid motherships and the potential for first-person combat with the Odyssey expansion. These additions would align with what Frontier used to mean when discussing story in the game.

The speaker concludes by expressing their hope that Frontier will return to the old format of the story, with new in-game content. They acknowledge that the development difficulties of Odyssey may have hindered the progress of the game’s story. They ask the viewers to share their opinions on whether they would like to see new in-game content for the story or if they are satisfied with the current text-based articles and community goals.

Overall, the video discusses the evolution of the story in Elite Dangerous, from its previous inclusion of in-game content to the current emphasis on text-based updates, and speculates on the future direction of the game’s story.