Elite Dangerous [VR] - The Thargoid War - 24 - The AXI ACE Leaderboard

The AXI ACE Leaderboard tracks the achievements of elite AX combat pilots in the Anti-Zino Initiative organization, showcasing their impressive victories against the Thargoid threat. The leaderboard features top pilots who have achieved challenging kills using different ship types and tactics, motivating pilots to compete and continually push the boundaries of AX combat.

The AXI ACE Leaderboard is a record of the achievements of elite AX combat pilots in the Anti-Zino Initiative organization. These pilots are highly skilled and dedicated to defending against the Thargoid threat. The AXI utilizes a rank progression system based on solo victories and wing kills, as well as special challenge ranks. The AXI ACE Leaderboard was implemented in December 2019 and quickly filled up with impressive kills.

The leaderboard is dominated by impressive kills using various ship types and tactics. The top pilots have achieved incredible victories against the Thargoids, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The leaderboard is displayed on the AXI Discord server and offers a competitive environment for pilots to showcase their skills.

The Vanguard rank is awarded for achieving challenging kills, with each ship having a specific point threshold. Pilots who exceed this threshold earn points that are placed on the AXI ACE Leaderboard. The top 10 commanders on the leaderboard hold the competitive ACE rank, but dropping out of the top 10 means losing the rank.

Notable achievements on the leaderboard include the first Hydra Hexagoid kill and the first Octagoid kill, both completed by Commander Maligno in an Imperial Clipper. Other impressive kills involve commanders using different ship types such as Federal Assault Ships, Alliance Chieftains, Orca, and Diamondback Scouts.

The leaderboard is a testament to the incredible skills and determination of AX combat pilots. It showcases the most daring and difficult kills in AX combat history. Pilots continue to strive for higher ranks and push themselves to achieve even greater victories against the Thargoid threat.