Elite Dangerous [VR] - The Thargoid War - 10 - Distress Call!

In this episode of Elite Dangerous, the narrator explores the ongoing Thargoid War in the Pleiades Nebula, encountering distress calls and engaging in battles against Thargoid attackers. Alongside other pilots, they undertake rescue efforts, aid in battles against various Thargoid vessels, and strategize for future encounters.

In this episode of Elite Dangerous, the ongoing Thargoid War in the Pleiades Nebula is explored. The area has a substantial human population, leading to the need for logistics and the transportation of vital supplies between the bubble and Pleiades using mega-ships. However, these ships are easy targets for Thargoid attackers, such as interceptors and scouts. The narrator, flying an Alliance Chieftain called “The Nail and Gear,” considers upgrading to the larger and more powerful Alliance Challenger, “The Grey and Brady,” which can mount an extra medium Gauss cannon.

While heading to the Delfy system, the narrator stumbles upon a distress call from a cargo mega-ship under Thargoid attack. After fending off Thargoid scouts, the ship is temporarily safe, but a Cyclops Interceptor appears. The Challenger’s lower agility is noticeable, but it doesn’t pose a significant problem. Later, a Medusa Thargoid attacks the same cargo ship. However, this Medusa behaves strangely, not deploying its weapons or shields. Despite the oddity, the narrator seizes the opportunity and begins attacking the Medusa. In subsequent encounters, other mega-ships also display this defenseless behavior.

The narrator engages in numerous battles against Thargoids, sometimes teaming up with other pilots to increase their chances of success. During the rescue efforts in the HR 1185 system, an Imperial fleet has been decimated by Thargoid vessels, including the majestic class interdictor called The Consulship. Despite personal reservations towards the Empire, the narrator aids the rescue efforts, engaging in battles against Thargoid Basilisks, Cyclops, and eventually, a formidable Hydra. However, the Hydra proves to be an overwhelming adversary, leading the narrator to retreat and seek repairs.

In the weeks that follow, the narrator’s faction acquires a fleet carrier, providing an opportunity for more organized Thargoid hunting. The future plans of the faction’s efforts in the war against the Thargoids are left open-ended for the next episode.