Elite Dangerous Update 12 - What's It All About?

Frontier Developments has announced a short delay for Elite Dangerous Update 12, which will focus on performance improvements and quality of life fixes. This includes allowing players to interact with menus while sitting down, increasing profits from selling stolen goods, and addressing issues with crime and punishment mechanics.

Frontier Developments recently announced a short delay for Elite Dangerous Update 12, which is now set to release on June 7th. While it is not expected to be a massive update, there are a few quality of life fixes included. These updates focus on performance and optimization improvements, allowing for a smoother gameplay experience. Additionally, players will now be able to access menus and interact with screens while sitting down, an ability that was previously missing.

Another improvement in Update 12 addresses the issue of black markets in the game. Previously, selling stolen goods at black markets did not yield much profit. However, Update 12 will increase the amount of money offered for stolen goods, making it more enticing for players to engage in illegal activities. The update also includes an illegal variant of the raid mission type for Odyssey, as well as the ability for players to recall their ships from shipyard terminals in detention centers.

With regards to crime and punishment in Elite Dangerous, Update 12 aims to address a controversial aspect of the game. In Odyssey, players sometimes got stuck on detention ships without the ability to recall their ships, leading to a harsh penalty. Update 12 will rectify this issue, providing players with the ability to recall their ships even in detention centers.

While the update is relatively small, Frontier Developments have mentioned that the list of features provided only scratches the surface of the amount of work put into Update 12. Bug fixes for both Odyssey and Horizons are also included. Looking ahead, Update 13 is expected to be released in August and will likely feature more quality of life updates, with a standout feature being some narrative content. Update 14, set for November, may introduce a major narrative phase. Many players hope for extensive quality of life improvements, such as overhauls to the system map and galaxy map interfaces.