Elite Dangerous Odyssey - New Exploration Scanning of Planet Based Life

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey video showcases the new planet scanning feature, where players can collect exobiologist data to sell. However, shortcomings such as inaccurate information from the heat map, basic mini-games, and the lack of scientific details about the discovered life forms are highlighted, suggesting the need for improvements to make the scanning experience more engaging and informative.

In the Elite Dangerous Odyssey video, the narrator explores the new planet scanning feature introduced in the game’s alpha phase. The objective is to find organic life forms and use the new genomic scanner to collect exobiologist data to sell to Vistagenomics. However, the method of locating organics is demonstrated to be flawed, as the heat map and surface discovery scanner do not provide accurate information. The narrator suggests that improvements are needed for better distinction and clarity in the heat map.

Once on the planet’s surface, the player must visually locate the plant-based life forms as they do not appear on the ship’s scanners. The view distance is limited, making it difficult to spot them until you are close. The gameplay then transitions into a mini-game where players must complete a quick time event by clicking at the right moment to scan the plant. The mini-game has been received poorly by the community, being criticized for its basic nature and lack of scientific context. The narrator suggests that this mini-game does not align well with the scientific nature of genetic sampling.

The video also highlights the lack of scientific information provided about the plant after it has been genetically sequenced. Only the name of the plant is given, and no further details or entries are obtained in the codex. Despite these shortcomings, the narrator notes that Vistagenomics pays for the genetic data, and players receive a small amount of credits and a “discovered” tag. However, the amount of plant variety and discovery in the game is said to be insufficient to keep players engaged for a long time.

As a comparison, the video briefly shows the planet scanning feature in No Man’s Sky, where players receive scientific information about the plant they scan. The narrator suggests that Frontier could include more scientific details about the discovered life forms in Odyssey, even if it is in the form of pseudoscience. The video concludes with the hope that necessary changes will be made before the game’s release to enhance the scanning experience and provide more depth to the discovered life forms.