Elite Dangerous News: True Chapter Attack Causes Thargoid Withdrawal? New Audio Logs Released

This video provides Elite Dangerous news, discussing challenges and initiatives available to players, as well as the unexpected withdrawal of the aggressive Thyroids alien species from three systems. It also mentions the attack on the True Chapter cult and the release of new audio logs shedding light on the events surrounding the Thargoids.

In this video, Commander Burr provides Elite Dangerous news for the week. They discuss various challenges and initiatives available for players, such as the Last Gasp Resuscitated Buckyball Challenge and the Codex of the Void Mission. They also mention Operation Black Garlic, an initiative focused on completing a secret ongoing Community goal in the game.

The video then shifts focus to the Thyroids, an alien species that had invaded three systems in the game. However, in an unusual turn of events, the Thyroids suddenly withdrew from these systems. This behavior is unexpected for the Thyroids, as they are known for their aggressive and unpredictable nature. The video questions the reasons behind their withdrawal and speculates on their strategic objectives.

Additionally, the video mentions that the True Chapter sect of the Far God cult, known as the “True Chapter,” came under fire from the Federation in the Popatia system. The local worker faction sympathizes with the cult and is outfitting a new mega ship for them. The video theorizes a connection between the withdrawal of the Thyroids and the attack on the True Chapter, speculating that the cult’s leader, the First Apostle, may have control over the Thyroids.

The video highlights a tweet by Frontier’s principal Community Manager, Arthur Tomy, which hints at something significant happening in the game. This tweet, along with upcoming GalNet stories discussing military preparations for Thyroid activity, suggests that there may be more to come in terms of the Thyroid storyline.

Finally, the video mentions the release of new audio logs that can be obtained by scanning a beacon in the Abiko system. These logs feature an interview with a pro-Thyroid advocate and shed light on the events in HIP22460, including the Thyroid scream heard during those events. The video implies that Thyroid advocacy is becoming a recurring theme in the game and hints at the long-term impact of the events in HIP22460.

Overall, this video provides an overview of the latest challenges, speculation about the Thyroids’ withdrawal, the attack on the True Chapter, hints from the game developers, and the release of new audio logs relating to the Thargoids.