Elite Dangerous: New Power Player on the Horizon, is the First Apostle to be a New Faction Leader?

The video discusses an imminent shift in power in Elite Dangerous due to the emergence of the Unknown Interstellar Anomaly (Stargoid) and the invasion of three systems in the bubble by Thyroid vessels. The narrator speculates that a sentient being known as Subject D2, the First Apostle, may be controlling the Thyroids and coordinating the assault, potentially establishing a new Thyroid territorial power.

In the video, the narrator discusses a significant shift in the balance of power in Elite Dangerous. Recently, commanders began observing a strange anomaly called the Unknown Interstellar Anomaly or Stargoid. This anomaly was accompanied by an increase in hyperdictions, leading to the discovery of destroyed vessels containing survey caches. Furthermore, multiple anomalies were detected heading towards the bubble, indicating the arrival of Stargoids.

Surprisingly, three systems in the bubble were invaded by Thyroid vessels, causing conflict zones to emerge. This event was unusual as it occurred on a Monday, rather than the usual Thursday server tick. Notably, the starports in the affected systems were not attacked or set ablaze, deviating from typical Thyroid assaults. The attacks were described as coordinated, which is significant considering the Thyroids’ typically unpredictable behavior.

The narrator speculates on the nature of the Thyroids’ aggression and the possibility of communication. While attempts to communicate with Thyroids have historically been futile, the narrator suggests that a sentient being, specifically Subject D2 who had been merged with a Thyroid ship, could potentially communicate or even command Thyroid assets. It is further hypothesized that D2, known as the First Apostle, may be controlling the incoming Stargoids and coordinating the assault, potentially seeking revenge against Caleb Wichtly.

The video also introduces the concept of the Far God cult and their belief that Thyroid vessels are heraldic angels. A breakaway sect known as the True Chapter, led by the First Apostle, is actively searching for a home system to accommodate new converts. The narrator posits that Subject D2 is the First Apostle, either communicating with the Thyroids or controlling Thyroid assets, thus establishing a new Thyroid territorial power with herself as its leader.

The video concludes by asking viewers whether they believe the Thyroids are about to become a new galactic power or if they are merely responding to constant aggression. The potential consequences and the opportunity for communication with the Thyroids as a faction are highlighted.