Drydock: Anvil Liberator | Star Citizen 4K

“As a change from looking at in-game ships, this video delves deep into the Anvil Liberator transport ship in Star Citizen. The course of the video considers the history, specifications, as well as potential uses for the Liberator, including”

The Anvil Liberator is an upcoming sub capital ship in Star Citizen that serves as a transport ship, designed to carry smaller ships and ground vehicles. It was announced in late 2021 and is highly anticipated by players. The ship is expected to have a length of 122m, width of 68m, and height of 24m, making it similar in size to the Carrack. It will be equipped with a medium radar, large power plant, two large coolers for cooling, and two large shield generators for defense. The Liberator will also have a single man turret, two automated turrets, and four missile racks.

The ship can accommodate a crew of one to two, but when considering the crew for the carried ships, it could potentially house up to five or six players. Its main feature is the landing facilities, with three exterior landing pads for extra small ships and an internal hangar for extra small vehicles or ground vehicles. There is also a 400 SCU cargo bay and other amenities such as a docking port, armory, jump room, and tractor beam.

The Liberator can serve multiple gameplay roles, such as a vehicle transporter, allowing players to move a large number of ships from one location to another. It can also function as a light carrier, carrying a squadron of fighters to a combat zone and extending their operational range. Additionally, it could be used for purposes like small mining operations or as a flagship for a squadron of fighters in larger battles. The concept of a mobile set of landing pads has excited many players.

While there is limited in-game information about the Liberator, the ship holds great potential for various gameplay scenarios. However, it is important to note that the information provided is subject to change and should be treated as speculative until officially released in the game.