Don't Buy the Rodecaster Pro II Just Yet

“Are you a Streamer or Youtuber, or are you looking to get into it and want to find the prefect audio solution? The Rodecaster Pro II promises to be it, but it isn’t quite there just yet. Let me tell you what important features are missing”

The RodeCaster Pro 2 is an audio equipment specifically built for YouTube streamers. As a product from renowned audio equipment manufacturer Rode, it has garnered plenty of attention, particularly for its unique solution to the 2 PC issue many streamers face. While the RodeCaster Pro 2 has promised to solve major problems existing in the streaming market, the reviewer identified significant issues with the equipment that make it hard to recommend at present. However, Rode has indicated that impending changes will address these problems.

In terms of build, the RodeCaster Pro 2 is larger than comparable products on the market. It comes with a solid construction and a conveniently placed mounting solution. The product comprises six programmable sliders, programmable smart buttons, an adjustment knob for settings in the LCD screen, and a record button which threads into a unique feature integrated into the device.

The back of the RodeCaster Pro 2 hosts four XLR inputs for microphones, two quarter inch jacks for monitors, four quarter inch jacks for podcasting headsets, and two USB outputs. An Ethernet port, although its function remains unclear, is also present, and an SD card reader for device’s recording function. The front of the product features a well-designed, functional LCD screen that allows users to adjust various settings.

Unfortunately, the review identifies a critical drawback of the RodeCaster Pro 2. It lacks the ability to set up different mixes for outputs, which is a crucial requirement for streamers. Without this feature, users on communication platforms like Discord end up hearing everything that the streamer hears, which is a significant inconvenience that makes the product ill-suited for its target audience.

Due to this limitation, the RodeCaster Pro 2 currently fails short of its claim to be an all-in-one solution for streamers. However, Rode has communicated plans to address these issues through a firmware update that will add the functionality to create different routed mixes. While this is a step in the right direction, the review suggests that it may not be enough to compete with products like the Go XLR that offer virtual audio channels, which the RodeCaster Pro 2 currently lacks.