Did Star Citizen Accidentally Release Pyro's Jump Point?

“Star Citizen just released 3.21 to PTU, but it also had a jump point in it. Was this by accident or on purpose to build hype?”

Star Citizen has released a new test patch, 3.21, which is unusual as patches are typically released on a three-month schedule. The reason for the early release is to test the technology required for players to jump to a new star system called Pyro. This new PTU (Public Test Universe) will run alongside the current live release until it is stable enough for a full release. The announcement was met with skepticism as players were not excited about a patch focused on testing and lacking rewards.

However, what surprised players was the accidental inclusion of the jump point to Pyro in the PTU. Although it appears to be unintentional judging by its incomplete state, many players are excited at the possibility of experiencing Pyro in 2023. The jump point can be accessed by being invited to a party or by finding a floating quantum jump point in space.

The generation of these quantum points is up for debate, with some speculating that players discovered them independently, while others believe they were secretly released by the developers to generate organic hype. The quality of the gas clouds around the jump point looks broken, but improves at certain distances. The jump point leads to a station that serves as a waypoint between the Stanton and Pyro systems.

While many players hope that the jump point’s inclusion means Pyro will be available soon, it is more likely that it was added for testing purposes and hype building. It is unlikely that Pyro will be fully functional in this patch as server meshing technology is not yet ready. Nevertheless, the accidental inclusion has had a positive effect on the community, bringing more excitement and positivity to Star Citizen.

Overall, the jump point to Pyro in the 3.21 PTU release is either an intentional method to build hype or an accidental addition. Its state suggests it is not yet ready for full functionality, so the speculation about Pyro’s release should be taken with caution. The upcoming citizen con event may reveal more information about the game and give players tangible experiences to look forward to.

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