Did CitizenCon Change Your Opinion of Star Citizen? [Greenhouse Podcast]

In this episode of the Greenhouse Podcast, the hosts and guests discuss their impressions of the recent CitizenCon event and how it has changed their opinions of Star Citizen. They express a renewed sense of optimism and excitement for the game, highlighting the improvements and upcoming features that were showcased during the event.

In this episode of the Greenhouse Podcast, the hosts discuss the recent CitizenCon event for Star Citizen and how it has impacted their opinions of the game. They talk to various members of the community about their thoughts on the event and the recent updates to the game. One guest, Pigman, shares his experience attending CitizenCon for the first time and how it felt more realistic and fast-paced than previous events. Another guest, Tom, discusses his excitement for features like server meshing and optimization, which he believes will greatly improve gameplay stability. Both guests express their appreciation for the improved communication and presentation from the developers.

The podcast hosts also discuss their own views on the game and the progress made over the last year. They acknowledge that while the development has been slow, there have been significant improvements and additions to the game. They highlight the importance of features like reputation systems and the upcoming character customization options, which will add depth and personalization to the gameplay. They also express their excitement for future updates, such as the introduction of engineering gameplay and the improvements to sound design.

Overall, the podcast participants express a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm for Star Citizen following CitizenCon. They believe that the event showcased the progress and potential of the game, and they are eager to see how the new features and improvements will shape the gameplay experience in the coming months. They also emphasize the importance of continued communication and transparency from the developers to keep players informed and engaged.