Crusader C1 SPIRIT & TUMBRIL STORM - 2 New Vehicles Added to 3.20.x | Star Citizen Roadmap

This video discusses the addition of two new vehicles, the Crusader C1 Spirit and Tumbril Storm, to the upcoming 3.20.x patch of Star Citizen. The release dates for these vehicles are unknown, but they are expected to be included in subsequent updates within the same patch branch.

This video discusses the latest roadmap update for Star Citizen, focusing on two new vehicles added to the upcoming 3.20.x patch. The first vehicle is the Crusader C1 Spirit, which joins the previously announced C1 and A1 models in this patch. The second vehicle is the Tumbril Storm, a solo light Scout tank. It’s important to note that while the initial release of the 3.20.x patch may not include all these vehicles, they will likely be released in subsequent updates within the same branch. The exact release dates for these updates are unknown, as the developers are focused on rolling out significant quarterly updates and the standard release schedule does not currently apply.

The Alpha 3.20 patch is expected to be released during the 3rd quarter of this year, around the end of September or early October. Any 3.20.x patches, such as 3.20.1, .2, or .3, could be released anytime thereafter, potentially even coinciding with the annual event CitizenCon. However, no specific plans have been announced yet, and more information regarding the release schedule and plan for the rest of the year is expected to be revealed at CitizenCon. In the meantime, the latest roadmap update adds the Crusader C1 Spirit and Tumbril Storm vehicles to the Alpha 3.20 column, generating excitement among many players.

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