Cleaning Up THE TRASH! - More Ships Purchasable In Game & Ghost Hollow Mission | Star Citizen Leaks

The video is a summary of two new patch notes for the Star Citizen game version 3.19. The first patch note was released on April 27 and focused on new player experience and mission density management update. The new player experience was aimed to help new players understand the basic features of the game in the first 30 minutes of gameplay. The mission density management update was designed to remove dropped items such as corpses, guns, and debris when an area is streamed out.

The second patch note was released recently, and its primary focus was on the dynamic events of the game, including Jump-town and Fleet Week events. It will stress test the servers to address any issues. The new feature in this patch is the ghost Hollow Reclaimer PVP Mission, which is a new mission type in Microtech, allowing players to fight for control over terminals for a big credit payout. The mission’s goal is to create PVP encounters and generate UEC that anyone can withdraw.

In addition, the patch notes include a polish pass on Lorville’s no-fly zone, updated volumetric atmosphere and clouds to Arc-corp, and performance polish passes for the clouds. Three new ships, Drake Corsair, Drake Cutter, and medical C8R Pisces, were added to the in-game shops. There were bug fixes and client and server crashes fixed as well.