CHUNKY EXPLORER | Anvil Carrack Ship Tour and Review | Star Citizen

“In this Star Citizen review video, I’ll be looking at the Star Citizen ship, the Anvil Carrack. My review forms 5 parts, set against a backdrop of gameplay footage from the Carrack.”

In this video review, Forrester gives an in-depth tour and assessment of the Anvil Carrack ship in the game Star Citizen. The Carrack is designed as a multi-crew exploration ship, perfect for navigating the Star Citizen Universe and discovering new locations. Forrester begins the ship tour from the sub deck, which includes a vehicle garage and cargo pods. Moving up to the habitation deck, there is a high-visibility cockpit, a captain’s dormitory, mess hall, crew quarters, medical facilities, and more. The technical deck features an upper bridge, drone room, repair room, and engineering compartments. Finally, the cartography deck houses the map console, escape pods, and airlocks.

The combat performance of the Carrack is decent, with four turrets for self-defense and an option to add a snub fighter. The ship’s shields feel sturdy and it can handle AI threats in a confident manner. The handling and visibility of the Carrack are excellent, making it easy to take off, land, and navigate even in atmospheric flight. It has a good top speed and a relatively quick quantum drive, making long trips across the star system manageable.

Considering the operating costs, the Carrack has the potential for profitable cargo runs due to its large storage capacity. However, refueling costs can accumulate, and there is currently no implementation of the main gameplay loop of exploration and mapping new routes. The Carrack’s design has mixed reviews, with some loving its versatility and homey feel, while others feel it has become too bulky compared to the sleeker original concept. The ship’s pledge cost of $500 may be a big investment for many players, especially since it heavily relies on a small group of friends to fully utilize its capabilities.

Overall, the Carrack offers a versatile experience with the ability to explore and haul cargo. It can defend itself if necessary and provides a comfortable space for group adventures. However, the lack of meaningful exploration mechanics and the high cost may be deterrents for some players. Despite this, the Carrack can be seen as a goal to work towards for a group of friends seeking a ship for weekend adventures.