Chris Roberts On Starfield, 4.0 This Year & CitizenCon - 3.20 & Ship Audio | Star Citizen This Week

This video provides updates on the latest happenings in Star Citizen, including the release of a new Galactopedia post and the upcoming episode of Inside Star Citizen focusing on ship sounds. The video also includes an interview with Chris Roberts, where he discusses expanding the Star Citizen community in China, his anticipation for the game Starfield, and hints about the details of the upcoming Alpha 4.0 update, which will be revealed at CitizenCon.

In this video, the narrator provides updates on the latest happenings in the world of Star Citizen. They mention that a new Galactopedia post from the Narrative team has been released, which is great for those interested in learning about the game’s lore. The Galactopedia is also set to be integrated into the in-game MobiGlas for future implementation. The upcoming episode of Inside Star Citizen focuses on ship sounds, highlighting the importance of immersive audio in creating a realistic spaceship experience. There is excitement about the ship Showdown, where players have the opportunity to fly certain ships for free. The narrator expresses their hope for Drake ships to win.

The video then discusses the upcoming episode of Star Citizen Live, where members of the Arena Commander features team will showcase the updates coming in version 3.20. The narrator mentions that there are numerous quality-of-life improvements and smaller updates beyond what is listed on the official roadmap. In terms of Alpha 3.20, the update has been released to Wave 1 and Wave 2, bringing several smaller updates and improvements. The narrator plans to create a dedicated video exploring all the features of Alpha 3.20.

The video moves on to an interview with Chris Roberts, the creator of Star Citizen, who shares insights on various topics. Roberts discusses the potential of expanding the Star Citizen community within China and mentions plans for a large-scale official event in the country. He also talks about the upcoming game Starfield and sees it as a cooperative relationship rather than competition, as it will generate interest in space exploration games in general. Roberts expresses his anticipation for Starfield, praising Bethesda as a highly skilled game studio.

Roberts mentions that details about Alpha 4.0 of Star Citizen will be revealed at CitizenCon, which will mainly focus on the update. He hints at server meshing and travel to other systems being included in 4.0 but doesn’t give away too much information. The video explains that while 4.0 is targeted for release by the end of the year, it will likely initially be available in the Public Test Universe (PTU) rather than the live servers. Finally, the narrator mentions upcoming content they are working on, including a 3.20 features video, CitizenCon hopes and dreams video, and the next episode of their Hardcore Zero to Hero series. They also invite viewers to join their Twitch livestream to check out version 3.20.