Can you crew your ship in star citizen?

In this video, the creator discusses the importance of community and networking while playing Star Citizen, particularly when managing fleets and crews. He encourages players to be open to fulfilling different roles on a ship and stresses that the gameplay experience is enhanced by enjoying the company of others, rather than fixating on piloting alone. He advises players to join discords, make friends and be open to working on someone else’s ship, sharing their own ship experience or creating “Star Citizen moments”. Although running a ship with an NPC crew is doable, he asserts playing with friends brings a better and more enjoyable experience. He also urges consideration and openness to newcomers, suggesting that sharing experiences and fostering community spirit is what the game is all about. He wraps up by reminding players it’s the experience and the people they play with that make the game enjoyable.

In this video, the speaker begins by discussing the importance of networking in the game Star Citizen to enhance your playing experience. They caution against solely focusing on piloting the ship and instead suggest opening up to the possibility of performing multiple roles within the ship. These include the roles of components manager, engineer, or a gunner. The speaker illustrates this point by referring to the javelin, where many tasks can be carried out, and the Endeavor, where a broad range of roles can be experienced.

They advise players not to obsess over piloting or captaining ships all the time, as this might not always offer the best experience. They suggest that players can derive more enjoyment from exploring and playing different roles in robust and modular ships, such as the Orion, Reclaimer, or Javelin, instead of constantly steering them. The speaker encourages viewers to comment with their opinions on this matter.

The speaker then talks about various significant ships, such as a Kraken, a Banu Merchman, The Crucible, and the Carrick. They point out that although the Carrick is an existing model, it does not offer many game roles at the moment. The Crucible, being a repair vessel, needs teams for repair tasks, arguing that relying only on NPCs might not always be feasible. They again underscore the importance of being open to working on others’ ships.

The speaker stresses the importance of collaboration in the game and advises players to use their ships to foster camaraderie and shared experiences. They recall their own experiences of embarking on quests with a group of friends, such as jailbreaks and hacking missions. They emphasize the importance of sticking together, of mutual assistance, and trust when playing the game.

The speaker recounts their own experience with the game. They recall helping another player who was stuck in an unfortunate situation during their bunker mission and reflects on how rewarding that act was for them. They urge other players to be mindful of gameplay mishaps and stresses the importance of playing with friends for mutual support whenever challenges arise.

The speaker urges viewers to be open and inviting towards newcomers and fellow players alike, emphasising the importance of community in the game. They argue that being generous and allowing others to experience playing in your ship does not cost much and contributes to a positive gameplay experience for everyone involved. The speaker believes this would encourage many to join the game, therefore fostering a sense of community among gamers and creating many more 'Star Citizen moments.

In their closing remarks, the speaker reminds viewers to make the most of their gaming experience and community. They encourage them to focus more on interactions with other players rather than relying solely on NPCs. While accepting that NPCs can be efficient, they maintain that interactions with real players might provide a more enjoyable gaming experience. The speaker thanks their viewers for watching their content and promises to share more in future videos.