Big Progress with Renovations - Expansion - Channel Update Aug 28 2018 - #bullshit?

In this video update, Nouveau Fire announces significant progress in renovating and expanding their studio space, including improvements in lighting and soundproofing. They also discuss plans for future content collaborations and reaching out to local and Canadian companies for potential partnerships, while assuring viewers that their Star Citizen coverage will continue.

In this video update, the YouTuber, Nouveau Fire, announces big progress with renovations and expansion of their studio space. They are taking a pause between versions 3.2 and 3.3 to update the studio, aiming to create more environments for unboxings and different content. The walls are complete, although touch-up painting is required, and all lights have been installed. The objective is to have enough natural light in the space to potentially eliminate the need for light kits. Additionally, there are plans for a rack on the wall to store light kits, as well as mobile baffles to reduce echo in the room.

The studio space has been soundproofed using rock wool insulation in the walls and ceiling, making it a quiet area, even with the furnace running. The doors are equipped with frosted glass, providing a cool look, and when closed, the studio becomes a relatively soundproof environment. The host mentions working on some projects for Verbal and Monster Tech, promising new videos and product releases. There are plans to add a second table for unboxing and a set of chairs for collaboration with local content creators. Additionally, the host mentions their wife’s interest in starting a YouTube business for cakes.

Nouveau Fire is also seeking to expand their reach by reaching out to local and Canadian companies for potential collaboration. They aim to acquire a 360-degree camera in order to provide viewers with an immersive experience while watching their videos. Throughout the update, the host emphasizes that expansion and growth are beneficial for both the channel and Star Citizen, reassuring viewers that this is not the end of their Star Citizen content. They express gratitude for the support received and encourage viewers to stay tuned for future updates.

Overall, Nouveau Fire shares exciting progress with studio renovations, highlighting improvements in lighting, soundproofing, and equipment. They also discuss their plans for future content collaborations and expanding their audience, all while assuring viewers that their Star Citizen coverage will continue.