Bevic Convention Centre: Location Spotlight | Invictus Launch Week 2953 | Star Citizen 3.19 4K

“This video is a spotlight of the Bevic Convention Centre, as laid out for Invictus Launch Week 2953. The Bevic Convention Centre is found at Area 18, on ArcCorp, in the Stanton system of Star Citizen. I include gameplay footage and some cin”

Music has been an integral part of the world-building in the gaming universe of Star Citizen. One of the first such developments in this universe was the construction of convention centres—locations designed to exist both in-game and out of game. The Bevik Convention Centre, located in Area 18 within the sprawling metropolis on Arcorp in the Stanton System, was one of the first such locations.

For three years, the Bevik Convention Centre went relatively untouched until the upcoming Invictus Launch Week in 2953. Players once again had access to Bevik, and it had been decorated with shiny new decorations. Upon entry, guests were welcomed with a mix of decorations and merchandise for the event, as well as Navy statues and dioramas. Guests could explore the in-game brochures for some of the ships on display and learn more via the information stands by the displays.

The Bevik Convention Centre is a great way for players to immerse themselves in the world of Star Citizen, connecting with the game world in a relatable way. By providing an experience that consists of both real world elements and in-game happenings, it makes for a more memorable and enjoyable experience. Players can explore the displays, rent a ship, and be surrounded by decorations in keeping with the Invictus 2953 event. With the Bevik Convention Centre now once again accessible for players, it provides an exciting opportunity to enjoy the world of Star Citizen even further.