Best Upcoming Features in Star Citizen 3.7

“In this unusual video, I’m going to speak to some issues I’ve seen with Star Citizen and how 3.7 is going to star addressing those issues. Join me as we explore this new update and why it is going to be one of the best to come in a long ti”

The upcoming 3.7 patch for Star Citizen aims to address some of the existing issues in the game. Currently, the planets and moons in the game are vast and detailed, but lack meaningful content. Unless players own a mining ship, there is little incentive to explore the planets. However, in the 3.7 update, there will be a new progression system that doesn’t rely on combat. Players will be able to pick up a mining tool for a low price and mine valuable resources by hand. This provides an alternative path for players who want to explore and adds variety to the gameplay.

The introduction of cave networks is another exciting feature in the 3.7 patch. Players will be able to embark on missions and mine rare resources within these caves. This presents an opportunity for both combat-focused players and explorers to engage with the game’s environment. Additionally, group missions will be introduced, allowing players to team up with friends and share the rewards.

The update also includes quality-of-life improvements, such as enhancements to AI. Ship AI and FPS combat will be improved, making the game more challenging and immersive. New weapon attachments, including suppressors, will be introduced, offering players more options in FPS combat. Furthermore, a rental system for ships will be implemented, allowing players to try out different ships without having to rely on others. This will help players make informed decisions about ship purchases before investing significant time or money.

Overall, the 3.7 patch aims to make the game more accessible to players who are not solely interested in combat. The addition of new gameplay elements, such as mining and exploration, provides alternative pursuits for players and enhances the overall experience. These updates, along with improvements to AI and the introduction of rental ships, contribute to a more varied and engaging gameplay experience in Star Citizen.