Asmongold Progressively Falls More in Love with Star Citizen

"People find Asmongold’s opinion significant, with so much buzz around public favor turning for the Star Citizen project, I thought I would summarize his overall change in attitude towards the game recently.

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Asmongold, a popular streamer, is seen reacting to gameplay footage of Star Citizen’s Squadron. He shares his initial thoughts, expressing that he finds the game’s visuals to be promising and impressive. He praises the clean graphics and overall quality, stating that he is genuinely excited for the game. Despite concerns about the game potentially being a scam, Asmongold acknowledges the amount of work put into it and finds it hard to believe it is a scam, though he mentions not personally investing any money into it.

Asmongold expresses his enthusiasm for the game, stating that he will definitely purchase it when it is officially released. He believes that the level of detail and effort put into the game is evident, which explains why some people have patiently waited for 11 years and invested significant amounts of money into it.

Overall, Asmongold’s reaction to the Star Citizen gameplay footage is highly positive and he is impressed by the visuals, cleanliness, and overall quality of the game. Despite concerns about it potentially being a scam, he remains excited and willing to support the game upon its official release.