ARGO RAFT - Another cargo ship in Star Citizen?

The video discusses a leaked image of a potential new cargo ship in Star Citizen called the Argo Raft, which resembles other Argo ships and may fill a niche in the game. The narrator speculates whether it is designed for Squadron 42 or the Persistent Universe and explores the possibility that it could be a refinery ship.

The video discusses a leaked image of a potential new ship in Star Citizen called the Argo Raft. The narrator explains that leaks can sometimes be unreliable and may come from rejected concept art. The Argo Raft appears to be a cargo ship, as indicated by the large cargo units being hauled. Its design language is similar to other Argo ships, particularly the Mole. The narrator suggests that having a carrier version of the Argo would be interesting. The video also mentions the MPUV Cargo, another Argo ship, which can carry small cargo units or passengers. Additionally, there is speculation about a large tow truck ship that can tow damaged or stranded ships, similar to the Fuel Rats in Elite Dangerous. The narrator suggests that such a ship could be lucrative in the game.

The narrator questions the necessity of a ship with large cargo units (between 120 and 180) and speculates whether it fills a niche in the game. They hypothesize that some ships may be designed for Squadron 42 rather than the Persistent Universe (PU), as the MPUV Cargo ship does not seem to have a significant purpose in the current game. The Argo Raft is said to come with an address and the ability to shuttle people to and from it. However, the narrator suggests that there may not be a real need for this ship unless it is intended for Squadron 42. They then explore the possibility that the Argo Raft might actually be a refinery ship, specifically for salvage refinery, which is a role not yet filled in the game.

The video also raises a point about a potential ship hinted at in the Invictus launch trailer. The narrator analyzes the frames to identify a flying ship that doesn’t seem to match the design of the Argo Raft. They speculate on the nature of this ship, suggesting it could be a Xi’an hauler or another unknown concept. In conclusion, the video encourages viewers to share their thoughts on whether they believe the Argo Raft is a planned ship or just conjecture.