Arena Commander Performance Is.....Shaky

"The new Arena Commander update is on the PTU! How is performance? Well, for the most part this latest Star Citizen update performs well, but there are some issues!“

Arena Commander performance in the PTU is described as shaky, with some concerning areas, especially on minimum spec systems. There are issues with game availability, possibly indicating problems with the wave system. Performance testing in the PTU is challenging due to rapidly changing patches and additional code running for data gathering. Overall, performance is decent on a high-end system, even at 4K, although the new FPS modes appear to be GPU bound. The Good Doctor map shows lower performance compared to other maps, which may lead to complaints from players wanting a stable 60 FPS. Tank modes also suffer from lower than expected FPS, potentially due to their presence on a full planet.

Testing on a minimum spec system reveals longer shader compilation times and playable but more difficult gameplay at 1080p on most maps. However, the Good Doctor map is nearly unplayable on this system even after adjusting settings. Tank modes also have poor performance, hovering below 30 FPS. It is unclear why certain maps perform worse on lower-end systems. Concerns are raised about the lack of interest historically in Arena Commander, with difficulty finding games in certain modes. The Gun Rush mode seems to be the most popular currently, but the hope is that playlist options can be added to encourage players to try different modes and increase community engagement.

Despite the performance issues, it is recognized that the changes made to Arena Commander by CIG are significant and much needed. The game mode has been neglected for years and is in need of revitalization. Though it is currently buggy, these changes are seen as a positive step forward. However, it is expected that the PTU phase will last for some time. Overall, there is optimism for the future of Arena Commander, but concerns remain about the level of interest in the Star Citizen community for fast-paced FPS gameplay.