Are Star Citizen 3.23's Larger-Scale FPS Missions Any Better?

Space Tomato hosts a stream testing larger-scale FPS missions in Star Citizen 3.23 with friends, despite encountering typical game glitches like desyncs and inventory issues. The team finds the gameplay engaging and cohesive, with a mix of stealth and combat, and Space Tomato concludes the session positively, looking forward to future streams and content.

The stream begins with the host, Space Tomato, welcoming viewers and discussing the usual Wednesday schedule, which typically involves bringing a guest to play Star Citizen. Due to recent disruptions from moving houses, the schedule has been off, but it’s expected to normalize soon. The goal for Wednesdays is to engage in small-scale gameplay and get different perspectives on Star Citizen. For this session, Space Tomato plans to team up with friends Freny Cad and others to test out distribution centers in the game. The objective is to complete two or three missions and evaluate if the larger-scale FPS missions are more enjoyable or if they feel repetitive.

As the session progresses, Space Tomato experiences some typical Star Citizen glitches and issues, such as desyncs and inventory problems. Despite these setbacks, the team manages to get into the game and begins their missions. They encounter various NPCs and engage in firefights while attempting to complete objectives like destroying fuel tanks and stealing narcotics. The gameplay is described as engaging and fun, with the AI providing a decent challenge. The missions involve a mix of stealth and combat, requiring the team to coordinate and adapt to different situations.

Throughout the stream, Space Tomato interacts with viewers, discussing various aspects of the game, such as the new master modes, the potential for future content, and the upcoming free flight event. There are also moments of humor and camaraderie, as the team navigates the game’s challenges and glitches. The stream highlights the potential for immersive and enjoyable gameplay in Star Citizen, despite the technical issues that can arise.

As the team completes one mission and moves on to the next, they encounter more enemies and continue to engage in intense firefights. The missions require them to move through different areas, clear out enemies, and complete objectives. The gameplay is described as cohesive and enjoyable, with the team working well together to overcome the challenges. Space Tomato expresses satisfaction with the missions and the overall experience, despite some frustrations with the game’s mechanics.

The stream concludes with Space Tomato wrapping up the session, mentioning the upcoming schedule and the possibility of not streaming on Friday due to house-related activities. They remind viewers about the free flight event and encourage them to try out the game. The stream ends on a positive note, with Space Tomato expressing gratitude to the viewers and looking forward to future streams and content.