Anvil Valkyrie - one of my many ‘pointless but cool’ ships

Totally inspired by the drop ship from the movie Aliens. This is actually quite cool inside and the many gun turrets are seriously fun. You can very quickly fling open all the doors and man a machine gun to start shooting anyone nearby!

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Yeah, I loved my rental, but it’s a bit of chocolate teapot for a lot of occasions. Definitely fun though!

The lack of cargo space is a killer!

I hope they’ve fixed the ladder bug which stopped you getting to the pilot seat!

Think the ladder bug is fixed as i haven’t noticed any issues.

Recommended Valkyrie upgrades

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What tool is this, deserves it’s own Topic?

Yeah it’s awesome, you can see what the best upgrades are for any ship and where to get them. I have also found I can get most upgrades at Cousin Crows or Dumpers Depot, so just one shop!

Here is the tool, there is a little learning curve to use it:

Here it is in the standard paint