Anthem $80 pre-order Legion of Dawn Edition

The author reluctantly chooses to pre-order the Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem for $80, after being initially frustrated with having to use Origin instead of Steam. They are excited about the positive feedback on the game and are particularly interested in the included black and gold character skins and legendary gear attachment.

The author expresses their frustration with having to use Origin to pre-order games instead of launching from Steam. However, they reluctantly decide to pre-order Anthem, a game they have been looking forward to, due to positive signs from the developer Bioware and positive feedback from Anthem insider blogs and people who have played the demo.

They express their desire to get the Legion of Dawn Edition, which includes black and gold skins for their characters. However, they find it difficult to find information about this edition and have to Google it. They finally locate it and decide to purchase it themselves.

The Legion of Dawn Edition includes VIP access to pre-launch demos, founder’s play banner, the legendary Ranger armor pack and weapon, an attachment for extra legendary gear, an armored pack, and a digital soundtrack. The author is particularly interested in the skins and the legendary gear attachment.

They debate whether to pre-order and finally decide to do it, feeling a mix of pride and accomplishment. The release date is stated as February 22, with pre-loading available a week before. The author mentions Tarsus network, an Anthem forum where players can gather to discuss the game.

Overall, the author admits to being excited and satisfied with their decision to pre-order Anthem and looks forward to playing it upon release.