Answer the Call - Star Citizen Patch 3.20 with My New Co-Host @Croncy

In this episode of “Answer the Call”, game-streaming duo Salty Mike and Croncy discuss the latest changes to the game “Star Citizen” brought by the implementation of 320. They discuss the various updates brought by this new version, such as changes to mining and inventory logistics, vehicle tuning, the introduction of the “Master Modes”, and the problems and potentials of this new game mode. Furthermore, they suggest remedying the game event violations and call for mechanics that would impose consequences for in-game crimes, thus adding intensity and realism. However, they also sympathize with the predicaments of the community managers and players adjusting to these changes. The podcast is concluded with the promise to discuss the recent issues of OB and more opinions on Ship Showdown in subsequent episodes.

In the podcast co-hosted by Salty Mike and Croncy, they express excitement about the changes brought by Star Citizen Patch 3.20, discuss their gaming experiences, and share insights on game rules and punishments. The podcast centres around the improvements in the game, the dynamics of gameplay, and the impact of community events, ending with an agreement that player’s experiences are what matter most during gameplay.

The podcast, co-hosted by Salty Mike and Croncy, starts with a brief introduction about their partnership and the changes to the show format. Mike mentions his desire to have a co-host who brings a different viewpoint, and describes Croncy as an optimist who is unafraid to express his opinions. They touch upon the revenue sharing for the show and Croncy, an Australian streamer focused on Star Citizen, shares about his experience. They discuss their shared love for mining and content creation, and their excitement for the changes brought about the Star Citizen Patch 3.20.

Discussing Patch 3.20, they term it as the Arena Commander Patch or the Quality of Life Patch. Mike mentions how the quality of life issues of previous versions have been resolved, making the game smoother. The hosts discuss their game experiences, with Croncy appreciating the changes to the old game modes. They spend considerable time discussing Gun Rush, a new game mode they both enjoyed despite its issues. Mike talks about the need for more time to understand and improve in the Master Modes, while Croncy deems it fun and exciting.

They also talk about their experiences with “Answer the Call” in the Persistent Universe (PU) mode. They touch base on improvements to existing features like ship designs, missile movements, mining changes, and salvage missions. Both hosts express their excitement about the Hull SE ship, discussing its design, and interior, and its potential for trading. At this point, they express the need for more time exploring other game modes and changes brought by Patch 3.20.

The fourth segment of the podcast has Science, another gamer, brought in to share his opinions. They discuss in-depth how Star Citizen designs its ships and systems. They suggest that Star Citizen is designed with the dynamics of helicopter combat than the traditional fighter aircraft, necessitating a shift in ship designs. They express hope for more realistic atmospheric combat and hope that Master Modes will address this issue. Science ponders about the absence of in-game consequences for criminal actions, sparking a discussion about game rules and punishments.

The last segment of the podcast focused on community events in Star Citizen. They noted how griefing events affected in-game activities, disrupting community events. Zia calls in for this segment, adding to the previous discussion about in-game crime and punishment. Mike and Croncy agree that game rules need to be more defined to prevent exploitative behavior. As the podcast ends, the hosts express their opinion about not mattering the correct solutions, but rather the players’ experiences that matter while playing the game.