Anaconda - Anti-Xeno Ship Review - Elite Dangerous

In this video review, the YouTuber discusses the capabilities of the Anaconda ship in anti-xeno combat in Elite Dangerous. While the Anaconda is praised for its versatility and firepower, a bug with repair limpets severely hinders its effectiveness in combat, making it challenging to engage with Thargoid interceptors.

In this video review, the YouTuber discusses the Anaconda ship in Elite Dangerous and its capabilities in anti-xeno combat. The Anaconda is a versatile ship that can excel in various roles including exploration, trading, combat, and mining. It is praised for its impressive jump range, large internal capacity, and generous hardpoint provision. The Anaconda provides a comfortable and immersive experience, particularly in virtual reality, with a well-designed bridge and great visibility for combat. It has a balanced hardpoint layout, allowing for the fitting of all anti-xeno weapons.

However, the Anaconda has a major flaw that hinders its ability to engage in combat effectively. There is a bug with repair limpets on the ship, causing them to behave as smaller class 3 limpets regardless of the controller size used. As a result, repairs become impossible, and with its large hull, incoming fire can often land while maneuvering. Despite this bug, the Anaconda is put to the test against different Thargoid interceptors.

Facing off against the Cyclops and Basilisk, the Anaconda performs admirably, dealing little damage in return. It handles attacking runs quickly, but its tighter flat spread makes close-range engagements with the swarm a bit trickier. Against the Medusa, the lack of repair capability becomes more apparent, but with active maneuvering, the shield can be worked down effectively. However, the Hydra swarm proves more challenging due to the smaller flat spread, leading to potential damage during the engagement.

In the end, the reviewer concludes that the lack of repair capability is a significant flaw that severely hinders the Anaconda’s effectiveness in anti-xeno combat. Although the ship performs well in terms of maneuverability and damage output, the inability to repair during engagements is a substantial drawback. The reviewer expresses hope that the bug will be fixed so that the Anaconda can become the best large ship for anti-xeno combat. However, given the present circumstances, the ship is deemed severely hindered in this aspect.